Business process automation with IBM WebSphere process server

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Business process automation with PNN Soft

PNN Soft Company is an IBM business partner and provides highly skilled professionals for custom software development for enterprise businesses. Our solutions are based on IBM WebSphere Process Server, which was created to build applications for business integration.

IBM WebSphere Process Server is based on an open standards-based WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). WebSphere ESB provides connectivity and integration of applications and services focused on Web services. WebSphere Process Server helps simplify the integration of business processes that cover people, systems, customers and business partners, facilitating the exchange of information between applications based on business rules. 

Process Server helps to reduce time and costs and to minimize the risks associated with integration projects. At the same time, IBM WebSphere Process Server is built on the IBM WebSphere application and provides clustering and high reliability.

The use of IBM WebSphere Business Monitor enables dynamic measurement of business effectiveness and detailed business process monitoring and allows the creation of all necessary business reports. The information obtained will help to identify business problems, correct the error and adjust business processes quickly to achieve even greater efficiency.

IBM WebSphere Business Monitor, based on events from the IBM WebSphere Process Server, calculate key performance indicators (KPI) and business metrics. Calculated KPI and metrics displayed in the map, whose form is determined based on the needs of the business.

Enterprise portal, built on IBM WebSphere Portal, gives a single, unified access to all information in your organization by helping employees, customers, partners and suppliers to collaborate more effectively.

Corporate portal WebSphere Portal allows you to interact effectively with people, information, applications, processes, documents and other content in a personalized and role-playing mode.